by Jeff King

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released July 4, 2012



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Jeff King Augusta, Maine

Jeff has been performing for audiences across Maine & New Hampshire for two years & plays with Maine-based cover band The Beatle-itos (featuring Scott King, Mark Matzell, & Erik Glocker). He lives in Maine and is currently working on a five album simultaneous release project. ... more

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Track Name: Teardrops of Venus
I miss my lover, skin so sweet/ crawl beneath the covers and I kiss her feet/ and I stare into the face that taught me how to love/ A mirror to my spirit; I've been gone to long, so I'll/ buy a ticket and take me on a plane/ I've been gone since mid-December but please let me explain/ See, I love you girl more than I can understand/ I am lonely and I miss you. I will take you by the hand/

I will swim inside you lover, I will taste the sweat on your skin/ I will dance with you forever, I will not stop until you begin/ your breath is my elixir, so sweet. You know how much I miss you and you know how much I see you in my sleep/ I will rock you like the ocean and the sky, and listen to your heart beat, my only lullaby.

We are like stars cocooned in the grip of the night/ and teardrops of Venus dripping right from the moon to our hearts/ I am crazy for you, did you know that?

I miss my lover, skin so soft/ I'm at 20,000 feet and I just can't wait to get off so I can/ take her higher then she's ever been before/ even though we'll just be lying on the bedroom floor.