Prenatal Advisory

by Jeff King

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released March 15, 2012



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Jeff King Augusta, Maine

Jeff has been performing for audiences across Maine & New Hampshire for two years & plays with Maine-based cover band The Beatle-itos (featuring Scott King, Mark Matzell, & Erik Glocker). He lives in Maine and is currently working on a five album simultaneous release project. ... more

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Track Name: Mujer
This is a song for the women of the world/held back by the chains clapped on when they were girls/Sayin’ “you cannot achieve it, do not believe that you could take a/man’s place in a suit. Stick to pearls and perfume.”/We’ll keep you in the back, tell you that you can’t rap/tell you that you need to be a mommy girl, and that’s that/Permanently sittin’ shotgun, but what’s fact?/ The Big Boys want you out of politics. Fuck that/Playin’ war games with their sick toys, tit for tat/like stupid children, violence is a back track/but real kids get caught in the crossfire so/women, get together, make sure that you raise your arms higher/You got the will and you got the means/Show ‘em your swagger in that bikini and the skinny jeans/You got the future in your hands like a sixth sense/Doesn’t matter what you wear, you can make a difference/
Hook - Stand up and tell ‘em who you are/all the women in the world burn brighter than the stars/You got the power of the people in your hand/and you can stand head to head with any man/Women in the world like the flowers and the sun/all the sisters and the mothers, you could take away the guns/take away the violence, sensless, corrupt/Society keeps you on the bottom but you could lift us all up/
The male chromosome only has an X, Y?/cause you belong to the earth, they belong to the sky/You’re the ones who have to give birth, ones who have to cry/when the sons of the nation don’t return from the occupation. Why/do we insist on slittin’ our own wrists?/We can burn all the weapons and nobody has to die/least of all our own, missing from their homes/fightin’ for a throne that no one even believes in, right?/People only see price of a war in hindsight/soldiers in a cold sweat wakin’ up at midnight/plus three trill spent up like overnight/a generation forsaken out of spite/for the rest of the world and the women and the children/but we could drop words like bombs on a building/ except with the opposite effect cause words/have the power to enlighten and protect, so girls/put your hands in the air like the people in the club/in the faces of the Big Men, show ‘em how to love/show ‘em how to behave like a decent human being/cause we can beat ‘em despite the destruction that they believe in/hook/
My mother showed me how to love/showed me how to breath life into everything I do because/it’s a whole lotta pain out there/and the pain in her heart wasn’t right, wasn’t fair/to the point she would cry when she was washin’ my hair/in the shower of a shitty little two-room place;there/there let me kiss the tears from your face/Other men might have done it but I will never forsake you/I’m with you 100%, I could never replace you/or any woman that loves the way you do/A beautiful soul I could stay true to/cause women make the world work, so who knew/that we could leave and mistreat ‘em the way that men do/Abuse marriage and then try to pretend, who/say nothin’s wrong, that you should really expect that/Girls tell ‘em it’s time to get your respect back/hook/